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180PCS Professional Drawing Paint Art Set

40pcs wax crayon
40pcs oil pastel
36pcs long handle watercolor pen
20pcs short watercolor pen
20pcs colored pencil
12pcs color cake
5pcs clip
1pc palette
1pc ruler
1pc sketch pencil
1pc eraser
1pc glue
1pc paint brush
1pc sharpener

Good Quality 180PCS Professional Drawing Paint Art Set For Kids Children School Wood Art Set

❤ 180 Piece Art Creativity Set- Art Creativity Set includes 40 crayons, 40 crude oil pastels,20 color pencils, 20 thick watercolor pens, 36 fine watercolor pens,12-color watercolor powder cake, 5 paper clips,1 pencil sharpener, 1 brush, 1 palette,1 sketch pen, 1 liquid glue, 1 eraser, 1 ruler and 1 wood box, so as to inspire kids and painting lovers creative side.

❤ Tiny and Fun- Each drawing pen or tool would be packed avoid staining your hands, and these art supplies are stored inside the case to keep them organized and the case opens flat for easy access, providing perfect way for kids and adults to experiment with a variety of artistic medias.

❤ Multipurpose- Oil pastels painting, colorful pencils painting, also do watercolor, which would exaggerate drawing choice according to the painters mood and also skill demand, also with rich and bright colors fits your need.

❤ Benefit to Traveling- This exclusive deluxe drawing kit for the beginner or as an intro set, with suitcase handle and locking clasps making this art set easy for transporting. So it fits the need of kids' drawing habit that draw wherever they are, also fits the adults who have ideas wanting to record the present seeing or feeling on the way.

❤ Inspire Artist Creativity- This clearly classified art set would guide to inspire any budding artist the fundamentals of drawing and painting, which can provide plenty paint to let artist mix different colors to create a new color, even a new world!


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