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Premium 40-piece Sketching Pencil Set

12 Graphite Pencils(5H/4H/3H/2H/HB/B/2B/3B/4B/5B/6B/8B), 1 Woodless Graphite Pencil 6B, 4 Pastel Pencils,3 Charcoal Pencils Soft, Medium, Hard, 3 Charcoal Sticks Soft, Medium, Hard ,3 Graphite Sticks Soft, Medium, Hard,1 Cutter Knife,1 Sharpener Single Hole,1 Sharpener Double Hole,1 Rubber Eraser, 1 Kneeded Eraser, 2 Paper Stumps ,1 Pencil Extender,1 Sandpaper Block,4 Willow Sticks Charcoal

Premium 40-piece Sketching Pencil Set

❤EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO UNLEASH CREATIVITY! Whether your style leans to charcoal or graphite, our 

Drawing Pencil Set has everything you need to take your expression beyond your bounds! This Drawing 

Set contains everything from Art Pencils for Drawing and Shading, to pastels, sharpener, eraser, 

sandpaper block, and craft knife. We even threw in a FREE sketchpad for drawing and jotting down your 

ideas as they flow.

❤ SHADING MASTERY UNLOCKED! Looking to tackle sultry midtones? Or maybe hard, dark shadows? Then 

these Ebony Pencils and sticks are meant for you - the passionate artist! Use these art pencils for 

drawing and shading both light detailed lines, or to lay down dark, dense coverage - like fur or 

feathers. Whatever your vision dictates, these Graphite Pencils, Sticks and Charcoal Pencils For 

Drawing are ready to bring it to life!

❤ EASY POP-UP PENCIL HOLDER... PLUS PROTECTION?! Have you ever had a full on Art Supply Fumble? Know 

why? Your carrying case is weak! That's why our Sketch Pencils Set includes its sturdy, zippered 

carrying case with a cool pop-up piece that lets you set your Sketching Pencils standing on any flat 

surface. And the best part is you can keep your charcoal and graphite sticks, sharpeners and more 

completely protected while enroute.

❤THE PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR SKETCHBOOK JUNKIE! If your artist is a Beginner or a Professional, our 

Sketching and Shading Pencils For Drawing make up the perfect set for your artist, no matter their 

skill level. This complete sketching set also includes a FREE Sketch Pad where they can jot down 

inspiration fast! Art students, expert artists, hobbyists.. even Arts and Crafts For Adults addicts... 

they'll love this special gift!

❤ ENJOY OUR "SKETCH IN THE ZONE" GUARANTEE! When you're in the zone and creativity is pumping through 

your veins, the last thing you need are Sketching Pencils that fail you. That's why we created our 

product with high quality in mind. That means that if you absolutely don't love your new Sketch Supply 

Set at any point through 60 days, then we'll refund you your money. Click "Add to Cart” today, 

knowing you are getting the best!


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