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Wooden Case drawing pencil set high quality stationery art set of 123 art set For Kids

Material: wooden box
Packing Size: 38cm*26cm*8cm
Package Quantity: 1Box
Quantity:123 pcs

Creativity Painting Set Included:
1 Thick Watercolor pens*18
2 Oil Pastels*16
3 Crayons*16
4 Watercolor paints*6
5 brushes*2
6 pencils*2
7 sharpener*1
8 glue*1
9 eraser*2
10 semi-dry watercolor*10
11 camouflage wax block*6
12 cartoon crayons*4
13 ruler*1
14 clips*4
15 semi-solid colours*18
16 color pencils*16

High-Quality Art Set

  • Art set complete with all the necessary tools for a beginning artist all the way to a veteran. All the art supplies are in one wooden case and each crayons, pencils and pastels in this art box are non-toxic,  it is no harm for children.

  • Suitable for the Beginner and Advanced Artist

    This versatile art set included all drawing and painting tools that suitable for hobbyists who love painting and even professional drawers working on craft or construction paper and detail sketching. It is best tools to showcase someone's awesome drawing talent.

  • Perfect Set for Coloring or Drawing

  • There's something for everyone in our 123 Piece Art and Creativity wood art set, It’s open up a world of creative possibilities! Want to try your hand at painting? Try using the included sketch pencils to create your own masterpiece, then color it in with your medium of choice! You can have all the art tools you need whenever and wherever inspiration strikes with the this Art Case.

Warm Tips: 

  • 1.Please check the product before giving it to your child. Item contains small parts, Not for children 3 years old. Adult supervision needed.

  • 2.please cover the cap when not in use, to extend the service life.

  • 3.Children who harvest gifts will love it.


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