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51pcs professional art drawing deluxe art set

40pcs wax crayon
40pcs oil pastel
36pcs long handle watercolor pen
20pcs short watercolor pen
20pcs colored pencil
12pcs color cake
5pcs clip
1pc palette
1pc ruler
1pc sketch pencil
1pc eraser
1pc glue
1pc paint brush
1pc sharpener

★51 PCS SKETCHING PENCILS SET - The sketching pencils set is provided with 51 pieces of art accessories, which contains 1 pencil sharpener, 12 sketching pencils, 12 metallic colored pencils, 12 water-soluble colored pencils, 3 charcoal pencils, 1 pencil extender,1 eraser and so many other accessories, you can meet with what you want in sketch creation.

★ECO-FRIENDLY & NON-TOXIC - H & B pencil raw material are made of crude wood, and tested by TUV, the pencil is also harmless to the human body, so even the kids can use this set without worry about any harm.

★DURABLE PENCIL LEAD - Our pencil lead is very firm and durable, easy to write,cut, and erase, pencil painting lines are very smooth, hard to break, you don`t need to cut the pencil repeatedly.

★PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - This drawing and sketch kit can be easily put into your schoolbag and takes less place, you can take it anywhere you want draw from nature.

★SUITABLE & PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL PEOPLE - Whether you are art amateurs, college students, painting beginners or professional painters, H&B sketching pencils set can meet the requirements of your painting equipment.











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