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12 Pastel Color Pencil Set, Neon Colored Pencils for Adults, Kids, Artists, Pastel Pencils for Drawing

Lead Dia:3.0mm
Material :Wood

12 Pastel Color Pencil Set

BEST CHOICE: Pastel and neon colored pencils. Perfect for adult coloring books, kids doodling, drawing 

and painting. Great for shading, sketching with ability to create depth and movement, extra-smooth, 

soft and easy to blend.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Pencils are made of high-quality premium grade wood with a softcore. The 

hexagonal design prevents roll and breakage.

TRENDY COLORS: Sweet vibrant pastel color with soft core for uniform coloring and blending. Smooth 

coloring and comfortable feel. Easily blendable for watercolor and acrylic.

LARGE SET: 24 luminance soft colors to choose from. Great for classroom students, adults, professional 

studio artist and professionals.

SKETCH AND CRAFT: Unleash your inner artist and relieve stress with this premier pack of oil based 

pencils, great for writing.


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