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72 Colored Pencils Set Student Artworks Pencil Set Adults Drawing Arts Canvas

size :48*40cm

72 Colored Pencils +1 Rubber Eraser Set Marco Raffine Color Drawing Art Supplies with Roll UP Washable Canvas Pencil Bag Pouch for Artist Sketch, 2 Direction Buckle for Different Usage

❤ Beautiful pencils come with 72 different colors assorted,perfect for Writting,Drawing and Artist Sketch.And also a perfet gift and perfect for encouraging creativity.

❤The pencil pouch/bag for storage have individual slots for each pencil,well protect your pen nib from damage and make them easy to carry.

❤The colors are vivid,high print effect and smooth,pencils soft lead easier to apply color and blend.It just glide effortless over the paper,and absolutely looks nice.

❤Crafted with recycled wood and very easy to sharpen and do not break easily.Absolutely safe for both kids and adults.

❤A wonderful pencil set (72 Colored Pencils+Rubber Eraser+Pencil Extender+Pencil Bag Pouch +art cutters)for coloring Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest,and Lost Ocean Coloring Book.Love it,just take it,enjoy it.


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